EIC Solutions Product and Accomplishments History

assemblyEIC has a long history of innovation in the thermoelectric cooling industry. Since the introduction of our first thermoelectric air conditioner in 1988, EIC has had a number of ground-breaking accomplishments and “firsts” in the industry. We were the first company to break the BTU barrier with a 2500 BTU thermoelectric air conditioner. EIC was also the first company to produce thermoelectrically air conditioned transit cases for military and defense applications.

Here is a brief history of our products and accomplishments:

  • 1988 – EIC introduces its first Thermoelectric Air Conditioner providing 800 BTU cooling. Unit features rugged, powder coated steel construction.
  • 1989 – EIC upgrades the design of the 800 BTU unit to feature corrosion resistant stainless steel construction.
  • 1991 – EIC introduces its first DC powered Thermoelectric Air Conditioner providing 400 BTU cooling.
  • 1994 – As electronics get more sophisticated, EIC introduces its 1500 BTU model to meet the demand for additional cooling for larger enclosures and higher heat loads.
  • 2000 – EIC’s 400, 800, and 1500 BTU Thermoelectric Air Conditioners are granted United States Patents for air conditioner design.
  • 2001 – 400 BTU AC powered model is introduced to meet the need for a compact AC powered Thermoelectric Air Conditioner.
  • 2003 – Recognizing a need for a complete cooling solution, EIC marries its patented Thermoelectric Air Conditioners with its line of NEMA wall, floor, and pole mounted enclosures and introduces a line of Air Conditioned Electronic Enclosures with over 150 standard sizes.
  • 2004 – As electronic enclosures continue to get smaller, EIC meets the need for a compact cooling unit by introducing a 200 BTU Thermoelectric Air Conditioner designed specifically to cool small electronic equipment enclosures.
  • 2005 – EIC introduces the first Thermoelectrically Air Conditioned Transit Case designed to both safely transport and cool electronic equipment. This innovative design is currently internationally Patent-Pending.
  • 2007 – EIC becomes first company to offer a Thermoelectric Air Conditioner with a 2500 BTU cooling capacity.
  • 2008 – In response to an increased need in the marketplace for security equipment, EIC launches its new DVR Cooler. This specialized air conditioned enclosure is designed to house, protect and cool a Digital Video Recorder (DVR).
  • 2010 – EIC Solutions is honored by Northrop Grumman with a Supplier Excellence Award for their Air Conditioned Transit Cases.
  • 2011 – EIC’s three major product lines are branded as ThermoTEC™ Series Thermoelectric Air Conditioners, PROTECTOR™ Series Air Conditioned Enclosures and DEFENDER™ Series Air Conditioned Transit Cases.
  • 2012 – Resetting the bar in electronics cooling and protection, EIC Solutions’ ThermoTEC™ 3200 BTU is the world’s first 3200 BTU thermoelectric air conditioner on the market.
  • 2018 – The ThermoTEC™ 161 Series Thermoelectric Air Conditioner gets an upgrade with the 3500 BTU ThermoTEC™ 161B.
  • 2019 – EIC Solutions’ expands its industry-leading ThermoTEC™ thermoelectric air conditioner line with the 5500 BTU ThermoTEC 170 series.