Electronic Ticketing with Ease: EIC’s ThermoTEC™ Line to Cool Outdoor Ticketing Kiosks

EIC Solutions Provided a Thermoelectric  Air Conditioner From Their ThermoTEC™ Line to Keep the Kiosks Cool.

EIC Solutions, Inc., a leading manufacturer of thermoelectric air conditioners and electronic enclosures, was recently approached by a national ticketing provider to provide a unique cooling solution for their outside self-service kiosks for entertainment ticket dispensing. A thermoelectric air conditioner from EIC’s ThermoTEC™ line was installed to offer a complete cooling solution.

This was a unique inquiry for EIC Solutions because their products are used predominantly in the defense and industrial sectors, not usually in entertainment or merchandising. “It was a unique application, but we were the perfect company for the job—cooling electronics is what we do,” says Josh Liegel, an EIC sales engineer.

The electronics and computers used in the kiosks required a constant temperature in hot climates and under adverse weather conditions in order to function properly. They were stand-alone machines with no daily on-site maintenance personnel, so any system EIC developed had to be virtually maintenance free.

EIC’s solution was a ThermoTEC™ Model 140B 400 BTU 120 VAC powered thermoelectric air conditioner. The efficient, solid-state design provided reliable performance, and it was compact and lightweight enough for cooling a smaller electronic enclosure. Additionally, ThermoTEC™ thermoelectric air conditioners are designed to operate in harsh settings. The adjustable thermostat will work in most any climates or weather conditions

The ticketing company installed EIC ThermoTEC™ systems in over 50 self-service kiosks nation-wide. Because of the versatility of the air conditioner, the same model could be used on all the kiosks across the board no matter the location—from the dry Las Vegas heat to the moist, humid air experienced during northeast summers—which standardized the implementation of the cooling systems.

The ThermoTEC™ cooling systems were through-mounted vertically on the sides of the kiosks. The through-mount provided ample room to house the cooling equipment so the original kiosk equipment did not need to be altered. Additionally, the location of the air conditioner in a concealed area did not alter the appearance or “clean look” of the kiosk and maintained the initial aesthetics and design.

Liegel says, “The ThermoTEC™ systems offered a reduction in kiosk equipment failure and repair by preventing them from overheating.” Because of EIC’s cooling systems, Liegel asserts that the company experienced a decrease in customer complaints due to systems being down from overheating or adverse weather.

More information about EIC Solutions, Inc., their product lines, and their dedication to protecting sensitive electronics can be found online at eicsolutions.com.