Getting to Know Security and Surveillance Applications – Part 2

As technology advances, the need for reliable cooling solutions becomes stronger.  Technologies designed to operate in air-conditioned rooms are now often exposed to temperatures of up to 120° F as well as severe weather and climate elements. By holding ourselves to the highest standard of performance, EIC Solutions provides its customers with the world’s most reliable cooling solutions for mission-critical, sensitive electronics.

Three Points of Distinction


1)   Construction: EIC’s thermoelectric coolers eliminate the need for refrigerants and use fewer moving parts. The primary goal of these patented, solid- state technologies is to accomplish seamless and stable temperature adjustment.  Therefore, these coolers are constructed specifically to accomplish temperature change by using the most dependable and reliable equipment.

2)   Reliability: EIC constructs each cooler with high-strength, stainless steel to ensure a long life span and maximum ROI. While  conventional cooling methods do not provide flexible input power requirements and mounting arrangements, EIC Solutions provide a wide array for any cooling application.

3)   Flexibility: EIC has constructed their cooling solutions to be able to adapt to a variety of situations in extreme environments. Their cooling solutions have been used in multiple applications including homeland security, construction monitoring, video recording, and weather radar systems. Beyond their adaptability to unique, challenging environments, EIC’s cooling solutions are readily available in prepackaged configurations or custom sizes, with options for customized doors, cable exit holes, cut-outs, colors and accessories.


How are Cooling Systems for Surveillance Systems Used?


EIC was enlisted to help protect out nation’s borders. Cameras are used on our borders in order to document and monitor cars entering and leaving the United States. Harsh environments of both the southern and northern borders posed a severe threat to the functionality of those cameras. By working with a systems integrator, and drawing from previous military and defense experience, they customized and implemented the EIC’s Protector™ Series Electronic Enclosure with 400 BTU Thermoelectric Air Conditioner to protect our nation’s borders from illegal immigration and smuggling.

Every situation that necessitates a cooling solution has unique and specific parameters – usually requiring a completely customized solution. With their unsurpassed level of high-quality construction and unparalleled customization experience, EIC’s products have both the reliability and flexibility to ensure successful cooling in any extreme environment.

EIC’s Vision Statement:

“By measuring and managing appropriate performance indicators, we are able to achieve and maintain the highest standards of performance by our team members and for our products in order to deliver excellent customer satisfaction.”