Military Flight Simulator for Pilot Training Utilizes EIC Cooling System

For more information on the Helicopter Flight Simulator For Pilot Training story click here.Computers and other sensitive electronic devices are being used increasingly in applications in which the components are subjected to hostile, inhospitable surroundings. High temperatures, contaminant-laden air, and humid and corrosive atmospheres can wreak havoc on electronic equipment. Many times the computer equipment cannot function and the applications are threatened.   This was just the case with a helicopter flight simulator that was being utilized in the Middle East for pilot training.

Trainees found that, after a few minutes, the small cockpit was getting too hot for them to adequately operate the simulator. Cooling the cockpit proved to be a unique situation because of the simulator’s vibration and constant motion.  After researching different solutions, the customer found a standard, compressor-based A/C would not work for this application due to the extreme movements, which would continually change the orientation of the unit.  A solution was needed that would be adaptable enough to move along with the simulator.

The solution EIC developed utilized the Model (145), 1500BTU 120 VAC thermoelectric air conditioner.  The unit became a custom cooling solution that met the needs of the helicopter flight simulator.  The company installed an EIC thermoelectric air conditioner directly above the operator to provide direct flow of cooled air into the cockpit. Through EIC’s design assistance, the thermoelectric air conditioner was versatile enough to be through-mounted horizontally on the ceiling of the cockpit.  This resulted in almost no alteration to the cockpit structure. Finally, this system was able to withstand motion of the simulator and provided comfortable, worry-free operation.

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