electric cooling

EIC Solutions introduces High Delta T Thermoelectric air conditioners to combat harsh cooling environments

EIC Solutions new High Delta T Thermoelectric air conditioners are designed to combat harsh cooling environments. Great for remote locations and harsh environments, the High Delta T air conditioners can achieve greater drops from ambient temperatures compared to standard models.

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EIC Solutions Provides Electronics Cooling for 10,000 Member Church Server Room

When a 10,000 member church and fully functioning K-12 school in Philadelphia required more IT and network equipment but was limited to a small room, keeping the temperature regulated in the space became an issue. To solve their challenges, EIC Solutions configured a product that was large enough to handle the growing network but could also be installed in the preexisting room. Learn how EIC used their Protector Series IT Rack with integrated dual 8,000 BTU cooling systems to solve Calvary Chapel of Philadelphia's challenges.

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