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EIC Helps Security Contractor Improve Bus Terminal Safety by Providing Protective Enclosures for Surveillance Equipment

A leading multi-skilled security contractor/integrator was approached by a municipal transportation company to provide secure, protective enclosures for NVR equipment (network video recording). To enhance the safety of bus patrons, the NVR systems are used for video surveillance at bus stations throughout the city of San Antonio, TX. The transportation company stipulated that the enclosures must be low-to-zero maintenance, tamper-proof and capable of maintaining enclosure contents and recommended safe operating temperatures year round. The enclosures were to be used in an outdoor environment and would be pole-mounted.

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Getting to Know Security and Surveillance Applications – Part 2

As stated in the first blog to this series, many companies have encountered problems trying to maintain appropriate operating temperatures for sensitive electronics located in severe environments. However, EIC’s cooling solutions provide three, distinct advantages

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Getting to Know Security and Surveillance Applications – Part 1

Whether large or small-scale technologies, every electronic device needs protection from excessive heat, dust, moisture, corrosion and other harmful elements, and since 1988, EIC’s patented, solid-state, thermoelectric air conditioning solutions have excelled at providing that protection.

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EIC’s Protector™ Series Enclosures Keep Temperature-Sensitive Equipment Running Smoothly at Nuclear Power Plant

A nuclear power plant approached EIC Solutions because they were unhappy with the failure rates and maintenance levels of their compressor-based cooling systems. EIC Solutions provides the plant with the Protector™ Series Electronic Enclosure

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EIC Protector™ Air Conditioned Enclosures Help Safeguard U.S. Borders Through Cooling and Heating of Monitoring Systems

EIC Solutions, Inc. recently completed the delivery of 110 Protector™ Series Air Conditioned Stainless Steel Enclosures for a Department of Homeland Security project. The EIC Protector™ Series was chosen as a solution for cooling and heating RFID systems used for frequent crosser recognition at U.S. border crossings, which have become more widespread as post-9/11 security measures have increased.

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