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Thermoelectric Cooling Solutions Today – Part 2

In part two of our blog, we will share with you some of the specific ways EIC Solutions air-conditioners are being used daily. Since 1988, EIC Solutions has worked alongside engineers, contractors and systems integrators for the U.S. military, commercial and industrial manufacturers. Leveraging a complete line of compact, lightweight, solid state thermoelectric coolers for transit cases, electronic cabinets and computer enclosures, EIC ensures that the electronics and electrical controls that these industries rely on operate without failure in harsh environments when it matters most.

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Introducing The World’s First 3200 BTU Thermoelectric Cooler

Resetting the bar in electronics cooling and protection, EIC Solutions’ ThermoTEC™ 3200 BTU is the world’s first 3200 BTU thermoelectric cooler on the market.

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Getting to Know Thermoelectric Cooling Technology – PART 3

Welcome to part three of our series on Getting to Know Thermoelectric Cooling Technology. In our concluding post we will examine some of the most treacherous environments, inhospitable surroundings and corrosive atmospheres that destroy electronic and electrical devices.

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Getting to Know Thermoelectric Cooling Technology – PART 2

In Part 2 of this series, we would like to focus on computers, sensitive electronics and other mission-critical devices.

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EIC’s Protector™ Series Enclosures Keep Temperature-Sensitive Equipment Running Smoothly at Nuclear Power Plant

A nuclear power plant approached EIC Solutions because they were unhappy with the failure rates and maintenance levels of their compressor-based cooling systems. EIC Solutions provides the plant with the Protector™ Series Electronic Enclosure

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