Oil & Gas

Cooling Oil Drilling Electronics in Class 1, Division 2 Environments

EIC's customer is a well-known global provider of industrial equipment, machinery, instruments, apparatus and supplies. The customer serves clients in the petroleum extraction/refining, mining and hydrocarbon industries. EIC was presented with the need for cost-effective air conditioning of the enclosures to be used to protect electronics in drilling rig equipment. Among the types of equipment being used were mud-pumps, drilling motors, and TDSUs (top dry systems units). The electronics and circuitry in the equipment is occasionally exposed to explosive atmospheres requiring Class 1, Division 2 products. Typical Class I locations include petroleum refineries, gasoline storage and dispensing areas, spray finishing areas, aircraft hangars and fuel servicing areas.

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Introducing The World’s First 3200 BTU Thermoelectric Cooler

Resetting the bar in electronics cooling and protection, EIC Solutions’ ThermoTEC™ 3200 BTU is the world’s first 3200 BTU thermoelectric cooler on the market.

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Comprehensive Protection Against Unwanted Heat for Sensitive Electronics (Part 1)

Adjustable temperature controls, low maintenance and long life cycles are the defining characteristics of EIC’s products that are essential to properly preserve the functionality of sensitive electronics. Combined with EIC’s ease of implementation, high reliability and effective, field-proven cooling, there are no competitive solutions that provide the same degree of comprehensive protection for sensitive electronics.

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