Wash-Down Food Processing and Packaging Cooling Solutions

Sensitive equipment must be enclosed to keep it dry and protected, allowing for the build-up of heat. EIC Solutions specializes in equipment cooling solutions rated for complete wash-down.

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Thermoelectric Air Conditioner for Electronic Enclosures now has NEMA 4X Rating for Indoor/Outdoor Use

EIC Solutions, Inc., a leading manufacturer of thermoelectric air conditioners, electronic enclosures and transit cases, has obtained NEMA 4X certification for the full line of its ThermoTEC Class I, Division 2 Series thermoelectric air conditioners for hazardous locations. Previously, only the 400 BTU model could be used for both indoor and outdoor protection against environmental factors such as the windblown dust and water (rain, sleet, snow, and hose). The 800 and 1500 BTU hazardous location models were rated NEMA 12 and were for indoor use only -- basically in applications that did not require washdowns.

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New Option for Thermoelectrically Cooled Electronic Enclosures Makes Washdowns Fast and Easy

EIC Solutions has announced the new M74 clean out modification option which facilitates washdown of thermoelectric coolers mounted to electronic enclosures. The M74 option was application-driven arising from suggestions received from customers in food processing, and other process industries requiring frequent rinsing or washing of equipment. By making washdown faster and easier, the clean out modification helps minimize downtime and helps promote consistent production rates.

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