Getting to Know Thermoelectric Cooling Technology – PART 2

In Part 1 of our Getting to Know Thermoelectric Cooling Technology series we covered what Thermoelectric Cooling Technology is and how Jean Peltier, back in 1834, discovered that, by passing a current through two dissimilar conductors, the junction of those materials will either absorb or release heat, depending on the direction of the current flow.  Additionally we outlined the advantages of thermoelectric cooling and thermoelectric cooling technology in use today.


As we highlighted in Part 1, the demand for cooling solutions is growing.  Advancements in technology and the increased use of mission-critical electronics in harsh environments are driving the need for cooling and protection solutions that make our technology safer and more cost efficient.  EIC Solutions recognizes this increased demand and has developed a wide range of product offerings to meet the various environmental challenges of clients who rely on our standard and custom enclosures and transit cases to safeguard their electronics.

Computer equipment in extreme environments need air-conditioned housings to maintain the highest standards of performance.  That’s why some of today’s NFL stadiums choose EIC Solutions to provide air-conditioned enclosures for the electronics that control scoreboards within the stadium. Think of EIC Solutions this weekend when you’re watching the highlights and instant replays during the Super Bowl.

EIC Solutions is also responsible for providing cooling solutions for the sensitive electronics used in industrial operations. For example, EIC Solutions enhances power safety by providing an air-conditioned rack for temperature-sensitive equipment and protects enclosed electronics from damaging heat, dust, moisture and corrosion within nuclear power plants.  We also help to optimize production by keeping variable frequency drive housings air-conditioned in major manufacturing facilities.  Our thermoelectric technology is helping a time-lapse photography and remote monitoring company provide its services for construction projects world-wide. These expensive, specialized camera systems are enclosed in housings for days, weeks or even years at a time.  EIC Solutions provides a cooling solution that sufficiently reduces the internal temperatures of the enclosures, and protects these sensitive camera systems from damage caused by overheating or moisture, thereby keeping the cameras functioning smoothly.

EIC Solutions provides the first line of defense for mission-critical devices.  When our military is operating in harsh environments, our rugged and dependable electronics cooling systems are there when they need them.  We protect our troops’ deployable mobile firewalls that prevent cell-phone triggered IEDs from detonating near military convoys.  On the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq, we provide air-conditioned cooling solutions for our troops’ communication, encryption, surveillance and other electronic gear from damaging heat, dust, moisture, and corrosion. EIC Solutions also provides air-conditioned remote surveillance housings that monitor U.S. ballistic missile sites for a major defense contractor.

EIC Solutions is the world’s leading provider of thermoelectric cooling solutions for mission-critical electronics housed in enclosures and transit cases. We help to defend our nation, optimize production, enhance safety, and keep processes running smoothly.  Our patented thermoelectric air-conditioning design is used worldwide in a wide range of markets, applications, and environments, and is designed to meet the thermal demands of computers, sensitive electronics and other mission-critical devices.

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In Part 3 of our series Getting to Know Thermoelectric Cooling Technology we will discuss harsh environments, inhospitable surroundings and corrosive atmospheres and their effects on electrical/electronic equipment.