Electronic Enclosure Air Conditioner Drip Pan Design Eliminates Condensate — Protects Cabinet Contents, Prevents Rust and Corrosion

EIC thermoelectrically cooled enclosures feature drip pans designed to manage condensate by collecting moisture and then channeling it outside the enclosure.

EIC Solutions, Inc., a leading manufacturer of thermoelectric air conditioners, electronic enclosures and transit cases, has introduced drip pans designed to manage condensate by collecting moisture and then channeling it outside the enclosure via an external drain.

To maintain electronics and other enclosure contents at safe operating levels, EIC cooling units lower the air temperature inside the cabinet. The production of condensate can occur depending on the ambient temperature and humidity. To assure protection of enclosure contents the water must be prevented from contacting electronics and other gear, and then be eliminated from the enclosure. EIC’s condensate management design addresses both of these concerns to protect enclosure contents from water damage, rust and corrosion.

In standard enclosures, EIC mounts thermoelectric cooling units on the side panels of the enclosure. Specially contoured vertical drip pans are installed to efficiently capture condensate and channel it to a drain fitting located in the bottom of the pan. A drain tube from the pan then carries the water out of the enclosure and discharges it safely away from electronics and other gear housed inside the cabinet.

In cases where the cooling units are mounted on the top of enclosure, a horizontal drip pan with drain fitting is integrated into the air conditioner. A drain tube is connected to the pan drain fittings on the bottom of the AC unit. The tube carries the condensate out of the enclosure the same as with the standard model.

A small hole is drilled in the enclosure for the drain tube to pass through. The opening is weatherproofed with durable rubber grommet and waterproof sealant. If drilling the drain tube opening in the enclosure is not possible, EIC offers alternative solutions the most common of which is the use of a replaceable desiccant. Because it permits complete portability, this method of condensate management is used most often with transit case applications.

Made in the USA, EIC electronic enclosures and transit cases protect controls, computers, cameras, telecom equipment and other electronic/electrical gear from particulate contaminants, oils, water and most other environmental hazards. The weather-tight units are built to NEMA standards and can be equipped with a cooling and heating system for total control over cabinet interior temperatures. Besides custom condensate management designs, a variety of other air conditioner options are available from EIC including digital temperature controllers, heaters, rain shrouds and tamper resistant packages. Enclosures may be fitted with mounting feet, “drop-in” rack mount brackets, insulation or a polycarbonate view window.

For more information about condensation management in thermoelectrically cooled EIC enclosures and transit cases please contact EIC Solutions, Inc., 700 Veterans Way Ste. 200, Warminster, PA 18974 USA. Phone: 215-443-5190. Fax: 215-443-9564. email: info@eicsolutions.com.