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What do you need to protect?

Our thermoelectric cooling solutions solve challenges in even the most rugged environments.

infrastructure highway and buildings

Critical Infrastructure

Protect sensitive electronics and meet the demands of a broad range of infrastructure environments – including rail, mass transit, power plants and waste-water treatment. When human well-being and safety are paramount, EIC’s cabinet cooling systems are there to keep our infrastructure networks running smoothly by protecting computers, monitoring, control, communications and other electrical/electronic equipment from damaging heat, dust, moisture, and corrosion.

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Manufacturing and Industrial Equipment

Downtime has consequences. Protect your equipment for material handling, metalworking, and everything else in between.

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car assembly line with robotic arms

outdoor security

Security and Surveillance

System failure is not an option. Protect your computers, cameras, RFID readers, RF components, transmit/receive modules, power supplies, and other sensitive electronic equipment from even the harshest of conditions.

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Military and Defense

EIC Solutions is proud to support our troops. When our nation’s defense is on the line, Military & Defense organizations turn to EIC’s rugged and reliable enclosures and transit cases in order to protect and cool their communication, encryption, surveillance, and other electronic gear from the damaging environments sensitive military systems face.

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military vehicles driving in the desert

oil rig in the ocean

Oil and Gas

Demand for faster, more efficient oil and gas production, coupled with the need for safety in the presence of highly combustible materials presents unique challenges to the industry. Keep your computers, instrumentation, process controls, and other sensitive electrical equipment running smoothly in hazardous environments.

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Food Process and Packaging

System failure means loss of productivity and profits. Reliable and maintenance-free cabinet cooling systems that keep food and beverage processing and packaging equipment running smoothly are essential. Get thermal management systems that offer exceptional performance and are able to withstand routine washdowns or corrosive chemicals.

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beverage packing line in a factory

roller coaster

Amusement and Theme Parks

Extreme heat and high humidity pose a serious threat to an amusement or theme park attraction’s ability to function. Keep your attractions running smoothly with customizable solutions designed specifically for computers, ride controls, ticketing kiosks, and audio/video systems.

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Sports and Entertainment

Find cooling solutions that protect against extreme environmental conditions such as heat, high humidity, and precipitation. EIC Solutions provides customizable thermoelectric cooling solutions for LED scoreboards, sound and light equipment, audio/video, and more.

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Aerial photo of football field

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EIC Solutions’ Guide to Thermoelectric Cooling is Now Available

Read our comprehensive Guide to Thermoelectric Cooling to learn about the benefits of this alternative cooling method, sizing considerations, popular applications, and more.

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