EIC solutions is the world’s leading provider of thermoelectric cooling solutions for mission critical electronics. Our products are used worldwide in a wide range of markets, applications, environments, and by a diverse client base who rely on our standard and custom air conditioners, air conditioned enclosures and transit cases to safeguard their critical electronics.

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EIC Solutions offers a wide range of standard and custom cooling solutions designed to protect sensitive electronics and meet the demands of a broad range of infrastructure environments – including rail, mass transit, power plants and waste-water treatment. When human well-being and safety are paramount, EIC's cabinet cooling systems are there to keep our infrastructure networks running smoothly by protecting computers, monitoring, control, communications and other electrical/electronic equipment from damaging heat, dust, moisture, and corrosion.

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Electronic Enclosures Industrial Commercial Applications


When it comes to manufacturing and industrial equipment, downtime has major consequences. The sensitive electronics used to power production lines require reliable, easy to maintain cabinet coolers and air conditioning solutions. EIC Solutions engineers and manufactures thermoelectric cooling solutions that protect equipment for Manufacturing and Industrial companies specializing in everything from material handling, to metalworking, and everything else in between. We understand the need for rugged cooling solutions that can stand up to the toughest environments and keep operations running smoothly by protecting equipment from damaging heat, dust, moisture, and corrosion.

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Security & Surveillance

When security and safety are paramount, system failure is not an option. With today’s security and surveillance systems producing higher levels of heat than ever before, ordinary sealed enclosures are no longer a viable solution. Meeting the demands of fire protection, communication networks, remote monitoring environments, and more, EIC Solutions provides Security & Surveillance companies with the reliable and long-lasting thermoelectric cooling technology they need. Offering enclosures and cabinets with integrated cooling assemblies, EIC Solutions protects computers, cameras, RFID readers, RF components, transmit/receive modules, power supplies, and other sensitive electronic equipment from even the harshest of conditions.

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Military & Defense

Whether it be in the air, on land, or at sea, EIC Solutions is proud to support our troops. With military applications requiring more and more computational power and communication bandwidth, the unreliability of conventional cooling methods is no longer sufficient to keep these systems functioning as needed. When our nation’s defense is on the line, Military & Defense organizations turn to EIC’s rugged and reliable enclosures and transit cases in order to protect and cool their communication, encryption, surveillance, and other electronic gear from the damaging environments to which these sensitive military systems are subjected.

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Oil & Gas

Worldwide demand for faster, more efficient oil and gas production, coupled with the need for safety in the presence of highly combustible materials presents unique challenges to the industry. EIC Solutions’s enclosure cooling systems provide oil and gas companies with the protection they need to keep their computers, instrumentation, process controls, and other sensitive electrical equipment running smoothly in hazardous environments. By offering custom cooling solutions to meet a variety of needs, EIC’s robust thermoelectric cooling technology is able to meet the demands of offshore and land-based chemical and petrochemical environments.

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Food Processing & Packaging

When utilizing automated manufacturing equipment, as many companies in the food processing and packaging business do, system failure means loss of productivity and profits. Reliable and maintenance-free cabinet cooling systems that keep food and beverage processing and packaging equipment running smoothly are essential. EIC Solutions engineers thermoelectric cooling solutions that protect equipment for companies operating in everything from hot, humid food production environments, to frigid meat processing and packing plants. Our thermal management systems offer exceptional performance and are able to withstand routine washdowns with water and/or corrosive chemicals.

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Amusement & Theme Park

Extreme heat and high humidity pose a serious threat to an amusement or theme park attraction’s ability to function. With safety being our clients’ number one priority, ride failure due to thermal overrun temperatures is not an option. Amusement and theme park organizations rely on EIC’s rugged thermoelectric cooling solutions in order to keep their attractions running smoothly. With customizable solutions designed specifically for computers, ride controls, ticketing kiosks, and audio/video systems, EIC protects sensitive electronic equipment from the extreme outdoor conditions.

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Sports & Entertainment

When it comes to live events, system outages have serious implications. That’s why many entertainment and sports venues rely on EIC Solutions to keep their mission-critical systems operational. EIC provides clients with cooling solutions that protect against extreme environmental conditions such as heat, high humidity, and precipitation. Offering customizable thermoelectric cooling solutions for LED scoreboards, sound and light equipment, audio/video, and more, EIC is able to protect the sensitive electrical equipment that keeps sports and entertainment companies up and running.

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EIC Solutions’ Guide to Thermoelectric Cooling is Now Available

Read our comprehensive Guide to Thermoelectric Cooling to learn about the benefits of this alternative cooling method, sizing considerations, popular applications, and more.

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