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February 16th, 2014 | News | Product Information

Electronic Enclosures with Integrated Thermoelectric Coolers — New Sizes Meet More Applications

The Protector Series pre-packaged line is now available in a wider range of sizes as well as with stainless steel construction.

EIC Solutions, Inc., a leading manufacturer of thermoelectric air conditioners, electronic enclosures and transit cases, has expanded its line of pre-packaged electronic enclosures. Designed to protect and cool electronics and electrical devices, the Protector™ Series pre-packaged enclosures combine several of EIC’s standard cabinet sizes with ThermoTEC™ thermoelectric coolers. The resulting off-the-shelf units provide rapid solutions for designers and end users who require protection for sensitive electronics in a variety of environments.

The Protector Series pre-packaged line is now available in a wider range of sizes as well as with stainless steel construction. The smaller sized enclosures — from 12x12x8 to 36x30x16 inches — meet designers’ needs in applications where enclosures must be compact or concealed. Examples include lab equipment, security/surveillance systems and traffic controls. The larger pre-packaged units measure from 48x30x10 to 72x30x16 inches and are designed to house more sizable electronic and electrical equipment such as those used in telecommunications networks, power distribution equipment, factory automation systems and ride controls in amusement/theme parks. Regardless of size, EIC thermoelectrically cooled enclosures provide a low maintenance solution because thermoelectric coolers have no compressors, refrigerants, filters or moving mechanical parts other than fans.

“Fully customized air conditioned electronic enclosures are what EIC has focused on for two decades,” said Josh Liegel, EIC senior sales engineer, “and the depth and breadth of the EIC offering affords a wide range of enclosure/cooler combinations.” Liegel explained that this can sometimes make the selection process a bit daunting for customers. “By pre-packaging our most popular enclosures with suitably sized air conditioning units,” said Liegel, “we make selection easy for customers. We simply help the customer choose the right unit for the application at hand. Plus we can quote much faster than before since there is no engineering design or review required in this series.” Additionally, Liegel said that pre-packaging enables EIC to expedite deliveries and offer the pre-packaged line at cost-effective prices.

EIC Protector Series pre-packaged thermoelectrically cooled electronic enclosures feature rugged powder coated steel or stainless steel construction, and are made for wall-mounted, pole-mounted or floor-mounted applications. The enclosures are available with a variety of options including drop-in rack mount brackets (4U) to house DVRs and other 19″ rack mount electronics. Integrated thermoelectric coolers assure that enclosure contents are maintained at safe operating temperatures for risk-free operation. Pre-packaged EIC enclosures are rated NEMA 4/4X and are shipped as a complete unit with no assembly required.

There are eight basic pre-packaged Protector Series sizes, available in powder coated steel or stainless steel construction. A variety of enclosure depths for each size makes for a total of over 116 pre-packaged models. Cooling options include thermoelectric air conditioners with a 200, 400, 800 or 1500 BTU/HR cooling capacity. The pre-packaged units can also be equipped with a cooling/heating system for total control over cabinet interior temperatures.

Power options include either 120VAC or 220VAC modes. Enclosures may be fitted with mounting feet, insulation or a polycarbonate view window. For more information visit or contact EIC Solutions by phone, mail or email: 700 Veterans Way Suite 200, Warminster, PA 18974. email: phone: 215-443-5190.

Protector and ThermoTEC are trademarks of EIC Solutions, Inc., Warminster PA.

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