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April 12th, 2011 | News | Product Information

Air Conditioned Enclosure Provides Vital, Secure Housing for Fire Panels

EIC Solutions, Inc., a leading manufacturer of thermoelectric air conditioners and electronic enclosures, offers a full line of wall-mount electrical enclosures designed to safely house delicate equipment. An integral part of the Protector™ Series, this line of enclosures provides a secure, hospitable environment for sensitive fire panels commonly used by contractors and builders in apartment complexes and industrial parks.

Protector™ Series – Wall-mount Air Conditioned Electronic/Electrical Enclosure Commonly Used for Fire Panel Protection

Many municipalities domestically and internationally request–and in some cases mandate–that all Fire Panels be housed in air conditioned boxes to control humidity, heat, and moisture. EIC’s Protector™ Series of enclosures features a built-in thermoelectric air conditioner, which aims at keeping equipment such as fire panels cool, dry, and functioning.

“Before many municipalities were advocating for the use of air conditioned electronic enclosures, apartment complexes and businesses had many issues with the effects of heat and humidity on fire panels,” says Josh Liegel, an EIC sales engineer. “Fire alarm systems could throw false signals, go off erroneously, or not go off in the event of an actual fire.” Malfunctions such as these can lead to injuries, misuse of first responder resources, and costly repairs.

With the development of the Protector™ Series, fire panels can now be protected, yet remain incredibly accessible to contractors and fire service personnel. The wall-mount electrical equipment enclosures can also provide housing for telecommunications equipment, surveillance devices, laser and optical equipment, and other electronics in a variety of environments, including wet locations.

EIC’s Protector™ Series features enclosures suitable for wall-mounting, pole-mounting or floor-mounting, and are available with a variety of options. Units are shipped as a complete package with no assembly required. The Protector™ Series enclosures options include NEMA 4/12 steel or 4X stainless steel, aluminum, or fiberglass construction, locking latches, view windows, optional surge protectors, and insulation. Enclosures are available in standard and custom sizes.

Additionally, 200, 400, 800 or 1500 BTU thermoelectric air conditioners can be added to all enclosure models. EIC’s thermoelectric air conditioners feature extremely reliable solid state construction and a maintenance free design. They use no compressors, refrigerants, or filters, and have no moving parts other than fans. Models are appropriate for use in environments to 170°F, are available in 120 VAC or 220 VAC (or DC power), and are certified to UL standards.

EIC’s Protector™ Series enclosures can even feature visual or audible temperature alarms, which is a key feature for when they are used in emergency response applications such a fire protection. “EIC Solutions prides itself in protecting our clients’ valuable electronics from heat, dirt, and debris,” says Liegel, “and through protecting equipment, we also keep people safe. Everyone hopes their fire alarm works in instance of a fire. At EIC, we make sure it does.”

More information about EIC Solutions, Inc., their product lines, and their dedication to protecting sensitive electronics can be found online at

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