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December 14th, 2017Success Stories Product Information

Air Conditioned Enclosures for SCADA Systems

Many municipalities rely on EIC Solutions, Inc. to provide protection for critical electronics exposed to harsh environments. EIC was recently contacted by a senior program manager working as the utilities engineer for an urban borough who was interested in housing and environmentally-controlling their SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system. SCADA is the interface between plant control systems and the operators. It functions as supervisory software allowing systems operators to coordinate and control the process of their facilities. Critical to the upgrade was the inclusion of a ring network which is where data travels forming a single continuous pathway for signals through each node. The goal was to create a SCADA Master Plan which requires re-evaluation and in some cases complete renovations of the entire process control system including:

  • PLC Hardware, Software, and Cabinets
  • SCADA Software and Servers
  • Ethernet Switches
  • Alarm Management

Choosing the Right Cooling Enclosure for your SCADA Application

The installation site of the ring network and its fiber optics was subject to extreme temperatures, moisture, and caustic wash-down conditions requiring the components to be safeguarded from these elements. To protect the sensitive equipment, EIC Solutions recommended an application-specific, environmentally-controlled, NEMA 4X Protector™ Series Rack Enclosure, with a 2,500 BTU CB Series™ Compressor Based Air Conditioner, including an optional corrosion-resistance package. The fully sealed NEMA 4X enclosure was rated for outdoor use and provides protection against dirt, dust, rain, sleet, snow, hose-directed water, and corrosion. The closed-loop design of the air conditioner circulates cooled air inside the enclosure without any exchange of ambient air, protecting electronics inside the enclosure from outside pollutants. The final enclosure design also featured locking latches to secure the enclosure and limit access to the housed network devices, bolt-down legs allowing space to route cables through the bottom of the enclosure, and internal rack rails for mounting the SCADA equipment. In addition, the sleek stainless steel design of the air-conditioned enclosure complimented the surrounding industrial architecture.

Protect your SCADA Systems

Public utility companies, independent contractors, and electronic integrators have successfully used EIC Solutions’ products to house and protect sensitive electronic equipment. EIC’s products are used in public sectors including power and energy, transportation, water treatment facilities, telecommunications, and security. Many municipalities have components and software that is obsolete and difficult to maintain so they are turning to SCADA Master Planning for plant monitoring, as well as control and asset management. Often this equipment is exposed to severe environmental elements that can be potentially damaging to this critical equipment. EIC’s air-conditioned enclosures provide a controlled environment to reduce the risk of downtime or failure due to overheating and environmental contaminants. We offer a variety of preconfigured or fully customizable enclosure packages in NEMA 12, 4, or 4X with air conditioning ranging from 200BTU -27,000BTU’s of cooling. Contact one of EIC’s knowledgeable sales engineers to review your unique application.

EIC Solutions, Inc. specializes in the design and manufacturing of thermoelectric cooling systems, air-conditioned electronic enclosures, and transit cases for a wide range of industries. Our products

have been used in a variety of enclosure cooling applications involving the protection of electronic equipment both indoors and outdoors.  EIC Solutions strives to provide the best products, resources, and tools to help customers protect investments in sensitive electronics. If you have questions regarding any of our products, please contact us online or call us at 800-497-4524.

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