EIC Solutions Provides Climate Control System for Time Lapse Photography Cameras

Air Conditioned Camera Housing
The camera within the enclosure systems that was cooled by EIC’s 400 BTU Thermoelectric Air Conditioner – Photo courtesy of Lobster Pictures


Security & Surveillance, Remote Monitoring


Remote monitoring and time lapse photography housings in both indoor and outdoor environments for extended periods of time

The Challenge

Lobster Pictures are world leaders in the production of time lapse and monitoring solutions – working for large engineering, broadcast and construction clients all over the world. With high demand from Gulf State countries – with temperatures up to 130°F – they needed a practical, robust solution to keep their high-end optical and communication equipment cool. No other company had ‘cracked’ this problem when they came to EIC looking for a solution.

Their Lobster Pot Extreme camera systems are commonly on location and enclosed in housings for days, weeks or even years at a time, and it was not practical to constantly monitor these enclosures for overheating or moisture. They contacted EIC Solutions to find a cooling solution that would sufficiently reduce the internal temperatures of the enclosures and keep the cameras functioning smoothly. They’ve now installed over 15 EIC cooling systems – and the longest has been in place for nearly three years!

400 BTU Thermoelectric Cooler

The Solution

  • 400 BTU DC Thermoelectric Air Conditioners with Remote Mount Digital Temperature Controllers
  • Extremely reliable solid state construction with long life span
  • Maintenance free design with no moving components (other than fans)
  • No compressor, refrigerant or filters
  • Models for use in environments to 170°FCompact size, lightweight, convenient to install and operateNEMA 4X indoor/outdoor model
  • Mounting flexibility, including through, flush, or recessed mounting options
  • Mounting gasket and stainless steel fasteners included
  • Complete 12 month warranty

EIC’s ThermoTEC™ Series 400 BTU (DC) solid state air conditioner models are designed and built to cool electronic and electrical controls, instruments, computer terminals, surveillance devices, cameras, and many other electronics in variety of environments, so they were the perfect solution for this specific application. Additionally, remote digital temperature controllers were installed so the temperatures inside of the enclosures could be adjusted quickly and from a convenient location on the ground. The compact size of the air conditioners allowed them to fit into the small enclosures without altering the enclosures or the cameras, and the maintenance-free design meant the company could “set it and forget it” with no need to constantly monitor the systems, which are located all over the world, for overheating or moisture.


Construction Site
A construction site being captured by time lapse photography.

EIC Solutions can provide a best fit solution for most any application. The solution for this remote monitoring company fit their needs and allowed the company to provide time lapse photography and monitoring while not exposing their equipment to harsh environmental factors and heat. The company experienced a decrease in equipment failure after implementing the cooling systems. EIC’s Thermoelectric Air Conditioners have multiple options available to ensure the best system is implemented for each application.