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April 13th, 2017Success Stories Product Information

EIC Supports Packaging Industry with Cooling Solutions

Recent trends in food, beverage and pharmaceutical packaging show an increasing focus on automation advancements. Simultaneously, sustainability efforts are focusing on decreasing waste and manufacturing from an environmental perspective, by utilizing eco-friendly machinery. Environmentally friendly practices include using machines that require less maintenance, have long lifecycles, eliminate disposable parts (filters) and are energy efficient. Protecting the sophisticated electronics controlling this automated packaging equipment, while trying to achieve environmentally friendly practices, can be challenging.


EIC Solutions works with the packaging industry providing environmentally friendly air conditioned control panels, which protect the vital electronics that keep processing lines running smoothly.

Our solid state air conditioners are ideal for retrofitting to existing equipment. We can also provide a complete enclosure package including a NEMA 4 or 4X enclosure and air conditioner. The robust design of our products protects sensitive equipment from debris, dust, moisture, and corrosion while our air conditioners keep your electronics operating at the right temperature. EIC Solutions provides electronics protection packages for a variety of applications in the packaging/processing industry, including:

  • High Speed Bagging (Vertical/Horizontal)
  • X-Ray Machines
  • Product Orientation Machines
  • Form Fill and Seal Machines (Auger Fillers)
  • Line Sorters
  • Inkjet Printer Controls for Meat Packing

Corrosion Resistant Design

packaging-lineIn many cases, automated packaging companies are handling food or beverages, so there are strict guidelines mandating regular wash-down to eliminate the presence of harmful bacteria, or debris. EIC’s thermoelectric, solid state air conditioners utilize a closed loop design, which ensures ambient air doesn’t enter the enclosure.
This design protects sensitive equipment inside of the control panel from contaminants and is perfectly designed for environments where the unit will be subjected to frequent wash-downs.

Various modifications to our standard NEMA 4X air conditioners have been utilized in the packaging industry including 316 stainless steel construction, black epoxy coating for additional corrosion resistance, and easy clean out of the hot-side. The modifications offer added protection in harsh, wash-down environments.

Maximizing Uptime Increases Productivity

The packaging and processing industries depend on the reliability of EIC Solutions’ thermoelectrically air conditioned control panels to protect their equipment from costly downtime and failure. Estimating downtime costs can be difficult. While it’s easy to measure lost productivity when a production line has completely stopped, the total cost of downtime can actually be significantly broader. Calculating the total effect  requires a complete review of overall impact including:

Tangible Downtime

  • Decreased Production-Money lost on each product not manufactured during downtime
  • Labor Cost-Money lost paying employees when machinery is down
  • Inventory– Increased changeover downtime which decreases product inventory
  • Product Loss– Damaged or rejected product from machine jams
  • Revenue Decrease– Loss in product sales

Intangible Downtime

  • Lack of Responsiveness– Downtime results in delays, reducing customer satisfaction
  • Increased Stress– Strain on machinery from repeated shutdown
  • Decreased Innovation– Downtime causes employees to focus on repairs, reducing time to develop ideas for process improvements

As technical developments advance and increase automation, the potential for costly downtime and efficiency-loss grows, increasing the need for EIC’s products. While downtime initially may start as a minimal loss, the cost of regular failures compounded over time quickly adds up. A line running product that sells for $.10 each at 350PPM will lose $35.00 for every minute stopped. That machine being down for only ten minutes per day results in $87,500 per year in lost revenue. The return on investment to implement a reliable EIC Solutions product that will protect and environmentally control sensitive equipment could potentially save thousands of dollars annually.


bottling lineEIC’s products are also the ideal solution to help packaging and processing organizations move toward green initiatives. Because our thermoelectric air conditioners do not require filters, they eliminate waste, maintenance, and cost associated with regularly replacing filters resulting in a smaller environmental footprint. EIC Solutions’ environmentally friendly thermoelectric air conditioners do not utilize any oil, CFC’s, refrigerant or harmful gasses. These thermoelectric, eco-friendly air conditioners provide the industry with the perfect solution to help achieve sustainability goals.

The maintenance free, dependable design of EIC Solutions’ products is ideal for the packaging and processing industry, reducing both costly downtime and environmental impact. If you have sensitive equipment running vital production lines, trust EIC Solutions to provide the best product to protect your electronics. If you need a recommendation, please contact a knowledgeable EIC Solutions Sales engineer to review your specific application.

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