EIC Enables Contractor to Meet Customer Demands for Cooling/Heating Enclosures with Low Power Consumption


Security & Surveillance, Infrastructure


The EIC Solutions ThermoTEC™ 145 series was selected to protect security equipment in a mid-city parking garage

Protective enclosures with temperature control for electronics and controls in a parking garage security system

The Challenge

In a newly constructed mid-town parking garage on Long Island, NY, the local parking authority planned to install recording and monitoring equipment for security purposes. The electronics and communications/control systems were to be housed in tamper-proof enclosures with internal temperature control. Because temperatures in the parking garage could reach 105°F during summer months, and plunge to zero in the dead of winter, both cooling and heating capability were needed. The cooling/heating systems were to be low energy consumption units. Additionally, the enclosures were required to keep out moisture, dust and dirt. The parking authority tasked the contractor for the project with the job of sourcing enclosures that fit the bill.

The Solution

After meeting with the contractor to assess space requirements for the enclosures, EIC Solutions presented their 1500 BTU thermoelectric cooling units — specifically the ThermoTEC™ 145 series. Plenty of cooling power in a compact size well suited to the available installation space made the ThermoTEC units a practical choice as well as an effective one.

One 1500 BTU thermoelectric air conditioner per cabinet provided the optimum cooling capability needed to keep electronics and devices at constant specified operating temperatures in order to assure proper functioning and reduce risk of failure. With no compressors, refrigerant or filters, and no moving parts except for cooling fans, thermoelectric units are renowned for low maintenance.

An EIC 1500 BTU thermoelectric air conditioner with heating option met customer needs for low power consumption

Unlike similarly sized compressor-based coolers, thermoelectric air conditioners have an innate low power consumption which supported the customer’s stated efforts to control energy costs. Additionally, the EIC units are readily fitted with heating capability. Since the heater is fully integrated into the air conditioning unit and control system, no dimensional changes to the enclosure case are necessary, nor does the operator need to make extra control settings or adjustments.

The back face of each enclosure was to be attached to a mounting pole. The mounting device was a secure design which meant that the service doors normally located on the back of the units had to be eliminated. To solve this dilemma EIC custom designed and installed special access panels to the side of the enclosures. The panel permits full service access to the enclosure contents without compromising the secure mount.


The parking authority has been extremely pleased with the performance of the EIC enclosures. Reports are that the ThermoTEC units are now being specified on other projects due to the high level of quality and performance in the garage installation.

The customer was able to meet their cooling and heating needs with EIC air conditioners which are fabricated from corrosion-resistant stainless steel for rugged long lasting duty. Reliable solid-state electronics further assure a long lifespan. Durable EIC cabinets are air and water tight enhancing accurate regulation of cabinet interior environment. The low maintenance means staff can work on other priorities without worrying about servicing the coolers in the enclosures.

Energy savings are being realized because low power is something very unique to small thermoelectric air conditioners. Most cooling solutions that are readily available to customers in this market are compressor-based, not thermoelectric. As such they have a much higher amperage draw than EIC thermoelectric coolers.

Because EIC provides both the air conditioner and the enclosure, the customer was able to minimize the number of vendors involved. Another big plus was EIC’s ability to rapidly customize the enclosure cabinet to meet special situations such as the side access panel. EIC is unmatched in design flexibility and complete package solutions.