EIC Solutions Provides Compressor-Based Solution for Cooling Variable Frequency Drives


Industrial, Packaging


Variable frequency drive housings in a major manufacturing facility

The Challenge

A major manufacturing facility was in need of a cooling solution for their enclosed multi-geared drives. The multi-gear drives were exposed to debris in the adverse conditions of the factory, which was causing the bearings to clog. The company enclosed the drives, only to find that the enclosures caused the drives to overheat. They contacted EIC Solutions to find a cooling solution that would sufficiently reduce the internal temperature of the enclosures and keep the drives running smoothly.

The Solution

Compressor-based air conditioners featuring:

  • Efficient, compressor-based design (non-CFC refrigerant)
  • Standard industrial cooler rated for hazardous duty applications
  • Specifically designed and factory built to ensure product integrity, reliability, and safety
  • “Closed loop” cooling feature
  • Flexible NEMA 4X design
  • Flush-mounted design
  • 120 VAC or 220 VAC power
  • One year full warranty

EIC Solutions worked to find a thermoelectric cooling unit that would fulfill the needs of the company, only to find that thermoelectric units did not fit into the application correctly; they proved to be not well suited to the multi-gear drive heat output. The drives required higher levels of cooling output than could be afforded from a thermoelectric cooling system. Fortunately, EIC Solutions does not only provide thermoelectric systems, but also compressor based solutions for specific, customized projects. Because of EIC’s unparalleled knowledge in the cooling industry, they were able to provide a complete, customized, compressor-based solution.

The compressor-based cooling systems were mounted on the varying-sized enclosures to provide adequate cooling for the variable frequency drive housings. The units featured closed loop cooling, a self sustained, cost efficient way to maintain consistent equipment cooling temperatures and prevent corrosion by providing continuous dehumidification. Additionally, a condensate management system, built-in digital temperature controller, and washable and replaceable filters completed the system.


EIC will provide the “best fit” cooling solution, from compressor-based systems to thermoelectric systems, depending on the application. EIC could have provided a thermoelectric unit, but it would not have been the best product for the application. The compressor-based system was more fitting, and provided the customer with a positive experience and a “best fit” solution.

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