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May 2nd, 2018Success Stories Product Information

Electronic Equipment Enclosure for Commercial Greenhouse

Air conditioned electronic equipment enclosure designed to safely house and cool electrical and electronic equipment in a wide range of indoor and outdoor environments.Gulf Coast Cabling (GCC) is an organization that installs fiber optics, telecommunications, wireless access controls, and security applications. Established four years ago in North Port, Florida owner Shawn Philbrick recently contacted EIC Solutions, Inc. for a new project involving a greenhouse application. Commercial greenhouses utilize high-tech production facilities to protect plants from external environmental conditions and diseases. Housing plants in a climate controlled greenhouse results in sustainable, high yield cultivation. The air temperature, relative humidity, and vapor pressure must be measured for optimal plant growth. Often greenhouses are controlled by computers and sensitive electronic equipment that should not be exposed to these warm, humid, and moist conditions. GCC used EIC Solutions’ Protector ™ Series Air Conditioned Electronic Enclosures in the past for cell site developments and knew our reliable products would be the ideal solution for their greenhouse project.

Wall mount series Air Conditioned Electronic/Electrical Equipment Enclosure, designed to protect sensitive electronics from harmful conditions.

Switches, power supplies, and fiber transceivers used to control electronics for the greenhouse management are exposed to the harsh greenhouse conditions, which can lead to equipment failure and downtime.  These critical electronics needed to be housed and environmentally controlled to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the greenhouse. After reviewing the application requirements EIC Solutions, Inc. recommended the Protector™ Series Prepackaged Wall-Mount Air Conditioned Enclosures, with integral 400BTU, NEMA 4X, thermoelectric air conditioners. These prepackaged enclosures are the most cost-effective solution to safely house and cool electronic equipment. They are suitable for wall-mounting, pole-mounting or floor-mounting and are available with options including insulation, and a viewing window. The prepackaged enclosures ship fully assembled with specifications including:

  •       NEMA 4X Enclosure-24”H x 24”W x 8”D
  •       Type 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  •       Internal rear sub-panel 21”H x 21”W for mounting equipment
  •       Front door, fully gasketed
  •       Standard 1/4 turn latches, one wing-style, key-locking
  •       Grounding studs
  •       140B Series ThermoTEC Thermoelectric Air Conditioner (400BTU- through mount)
  •      DP-140V Condensate drip pan (vertical mount)
  •       120 VAC 50/60Hz @ 2AMPS

The function, form, and low maintenance design of the NEMA 4X, air-conditioned, enclosures were ideal for GCC’s greenhouse application. The overall design was easy to install and requires little to no maintenance due to the solid-state design of the air conditioners.  The closed-loop design circulates cool air inside of the enclosure while simultaneously dissipating the heat to the outside, without pulling any outside contaminants into the enclosure. These robust cooling systems are designed to withstand the harshest conditions to keep equipment running within operational temperatures. EIC’s thermoelectrically-cooled enclosures house the crucial control equipment that maintains optimal growing conditions within the greenhouse, thereby maximizing their production and minimizing staffing requirements.

EIC Solutions, Inc. specializes in the design and manufacturing of thermoelectric cooling systems, air-conditioned electronic enclosures, and transit cases for a wide range of industries. Our products have been used in a variety of enclosure cooling applications involving the protection of electronic equipment both indoors and outdoors.

EIC Solutions strives to provide the best products, resources, and tools to help customers protect investments in sensitive electronics. If you have questions regarding any of our products please contact us at 800-497-4524. If you need assistance in selecting a product for your specific application, please contact one of our knowledgeable sales engineers.

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