City of Anaheim Selects EIC Thermoelectric Air Conditioners for Transit Station Digital Signs

Rail Transportation
ARTIC design engineers needed air conditioners to regulate digital sign cabinet interior temperatures and assure sustained, reliable functionality of the equipment.


Infrastructure, Mass Transit


Air conditioning of enclosures used to house electronics, displays and controls for digital signs

The Challenge

ARTIC (Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center) is a brand new world-class transportation and retail center located in Anaheim, California, with its grand opening scheduled for December 13, 2014. On a 16-acre site owned by the City of Anaheim, ARTIC comprises a multimodal transit station, civic space, restaurants, retail outlets, bike/pedestrian trail access, train platforms and public parking. Approximately 3.75 million business and personal commuters from all over the US are expected to use the facility in the first year of operation.

ARTIC decided on digital signage for use throughout the complex to display bus and train schedules as well as general public transportation status messages. Additionally, the signs would be used to generate interest in the numerous restaurants and retail outlets housed in the multilevel ARTIC complex.

Running on a 24/7 basis, the electronics and controls enclosed within the digital sign cabinets generate significant heat. The degrading effect of heat on electronics is compounded by Anaheim temperatures which can reach above 90 degrees F during summer months.

ARTIC design engineers needed air conditioners to regulate the sign cabinet interior temperature and assure sustained, reliable functionality of the equipment. The cooling units needed to be small enough to install easily and inconspicuously in a tight space, yet powerful enough to meet rather demanding cooling requirements. The air conditioners also had to be weatherproof since the digital signs would be installed both indoors and outdoors.

ThermoTEC™ 145 Series - 1500 BTU Thermoelectric Air Conditioner - Front View, Left Side
ThermoTEC™ Model AAC-145-4XT-E-NF 1500 BTU thermoelectric air conditioner

The Solution

ARTIC sourced providers of air conditioners via Internet search methods. EIC Solutions was identified as having both an extensive product line and ample experience in cooling electronics and electrical devices used in hot environments.

Experienced, knowledgeable EIC sales engineers quickly matched ARTIC’s design and performance requirements with the cooling units best suited for the digital sign application. EIC recommended the ThermoTEC™ Model AAC-145-4XT-E-NF 1500 BTU thermoelectric air conditioner. ARTIC wrote the specifications for the cooling units and contracted with a digital sign company who incorporated the EIC units into the signs.

These ThermoTEC units have a narrow, twelve-inch flange which facilitated installation in the relatively small digital sign cabinet. The coolers are NEMA 4X rated assuring indoor/outdoor projection against windblown dust and the ingress of water (rain, splashing water and hose directed water).


The compact size, reliable performance and NEMA 4X rating of EIC thermoelectric units enabled ARTIC to meet design and performance goals and deploy digital signs in all target areas.

The EIC units were small enough to meet ARTIC’s requirements for ease of installation and small enough to install “invisibly” in the digital signs. The 1500 BTU output easily handled demanding continuous cooling requirements in the hot Southern California weather.

With no compressors, refrigerant or filters, and no moving parts except for cooling fans, EIC thermoelectric units proved a low maintenance solution for ARTIC. Additionally, thermoelectric air conditioners have low power consumption which helps control energy costs.

Digital signage with 100% operational reliability is an important element to the success of the overall ARTIC project. Regarding the cooling of the signs, EIC worked closely with ARTIC design engineers to leave no doubts that all design and performance goals would be met or exceeded. EIC’s extensive electronics cooling experience and quality products have played a vital role in paving the way to a successful opening of the transportation center.