US Military Selects EIC Solutions Air Conditioned Transit Cases to Help Protect Electronics and Sensors in IED Defeat and Detection Systems




Vehicle Mounted IED Detection Devices.

The Challenge

The US military developed new technologies for IED defeat and detection systems for use in Iraq and Afghanistan. These systems utilized sophisticated sensors and electronics in order to detect the presence of roadside bombs and other improvised explosive devices. Unfortunately, the working environment for these systems presented a significant challenge to the designers as the sensitive electronics would be subjected to the extremes of Middle East weather including: daily average temperatures from 48 degree C (120 Fahrenheit) in July and August to below freezing in January; a significant rainy season producing up to 100 centimeters a year in some places; and severe wind phenomena with massive dust storms and very dry, desiccating air.

EIC 13U Composite Transit Case

The Solution

To ensure safe, reliable operation of these mission-critical systems in a hostile environment, EIC’s Defender™ Series Air Conditioned Transit Cases were an ideal solution. In order to meet weight requirements for the detection system, EIC’s engineers developed a new type of configuration known as a “cooler collar.” With this arrangement, the air conditioner is housed in a secondary case which, when in use, is attached to the primary case that houses the electronics. For this application an EIC 13U Composite Transit Case was utilized for the primary case and the “cooler collar” was outfitted with an EIC 2500 BTU thermoelectric air conditioner.

EIC’s thermoelectric air conditioners do not use compressors, refrigerants or filters, and there are no moving mechanical parts other than fans. The result is a low-to-zero maintenance air conditioned transit case that makes it particularly well suited for use in remote desert areas where operations must be rapidly executed without concern for maintenance and repair issues.

EIC Transit Case with “Cooler Collar” and 2500 BTU Air Conditioner attached

EIC’s thermoelectrically air conditioned transit cases are designed to meet the most stringent demands of military operations in extreme environments on land, air and at sea. Cases are available in high-grade reinforced polypropylene (TSC), fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), rotomolded polyethylene (PE) or aluminum construction to protect contents from heat, moisture and corrosion. The air conditioned transit cases are ideal for housing and transporting electronics, communication equipment, encryption and surveillance gear.


Sensors and electronic components used to detect IEDs are protected from the elements while optimum operating temperatures are maintained within the enclosure for effective, reliable operation. Safe, confident operation of detection equipment will enable military personnel to successfully complete IED detection missions and will increase safety for military personnel.