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April 3rd, 2019Success Stories Product Information

Auxiliary Radio Communication Enclosures for NYC Building Regulations

In 2014, New York City added a provision to their building code that requires all newly constructed high-rise buildings in New York City to have an Auxiliary Radio Communication (ARC) System.

An ARC system is a wireless two-way building communication system for Fire Department use only that receives and transmits Fire Department portable radio frequencies within the building. An ARC system typically consists of a transceiver (base station) connected to a building-wide antenna system, with a radio console in the building lobby.

ARC systems need to operate continuously, and in worst cases in the most inhospitable conditions to ensure that communications are always available for first responders.

Our Solution

Protector™ Series - Wall-mount Air Conditioned Electronic/Electrical Enclosure Commonly Used for ARC applications.
Protector™ Series – Wall-mount Air Conditioned Electronic/Electrical Enclosure Commonly Used for ARC applications.

EIC Solutions has recently produced an enclosure designed to safely house and protect this critical radio communication equipment. Based on our Protector series air conditioned enclosures, the ARC enclosure features:

  • A single front door with a full polycarbonate, smoked window
  • A key-locking three-point latch
  • Removable side panels on both sides of the unit providing easy access to equipment
  • 19″ rack-mount rails are pre-installed, for use with the included clip-nuts. The rails are full-height and horizontally-adjustable (front-to-rear)
  • One internal stationary shelf, vertically adjustable (shelves available in slide-out or perforated configurations)
  • External mounting feet, for proper wall-mounting
  • Powder coated RED, RAL 3001, inside and outside

For harsh ARC System locations, you can optionally integrate an EIC Solutions thermoelectric air conditioner to environmentally protect the equipment and reduce equipment failure. EIC’s ThermoTEC™ Series features a complete line of compact, solid state thermoelectric air conditioners designed specifically for enclosures. Available from 200 BTU3,500 BTU our thermoelectric air conditioners feature:

  • A reliable solid-state design, with no moving parts, but the fans
  • Maintenance free design for long life
  • Environmentally friendly. No compressor, refrigerant, or filters to replace.
  • Durable NEMA 4X construction
  • Standard models rated to 140°F, with high ambient temperature models available
  • AC or DC power configurations
  • Through or flush mounted designs available

EIC Solutions, Inc. specializes in the design and manufacturing of thermoelectric cooling systems, air-conditioned electronic enclosures, and transit cases for a wide range of industries. Our products have been used in a variety of enclosure cooling applications involving the protection of electronic equipment both indoors and outdoors. EIC Solutions strives to provide the best products, resources, and tools to help customers protect investments in sensitive electronics.

If you have questions regarding any of our products please contact us at 800-497-4524.

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