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October 6th, 2011Success Stories Product Information

EIC Solutions Provides Compressor-Based Cooling Option for NFL LCD Scoreboard

EIC’s Compressor-based Air Conditioner


Sports & Entertainment


Temperature control for electrical components on LCD NFL scoreboard.

The Challenge

When the New Meadowlands Stadium was constructed, its LCD scoreboards’ electrical wiring components and controls had to be mounted close to the screens to reduce wire length and eliminate any RF/EMI noise.  The best mounting position was behind the screens, which exposed them to weather elements. The audio/video contractor on the job contacted EIC for a solution to protect and cool the scoreboards components during hot weather.

The Solution

EIC Solutions’ 8,000 BTU Compressor-Based Air Conditioner.

  • Efficient, compressor-based design (non-CFC refrigerant)
  • Standard industrial cooler rated for hazardous duty applications
  • Specifically designed and factory built to ensure product integrity, reliability, and safety
  • “Closed loop” cooling feature
  • Flexible NEMA 4X design
  • Flush-mounted design
  • 120 VAC or 220 VAC power
  • One year full warranty

EIC’s goal was to provide a cooling system that kept the units close to the scoreboard to maintain the integrity of the electrical wiring components as well as reduce wire length to reduce overall RF/EMI noise.


The air conditioner was modified for the audio/visual company’s needs. This unit was fully integrated into the system which saved the company from having to use specially constructed rooms and extensive wiring to house the cooling systems.

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