EIC Solutions Protector™ Series Enclosures Protect Nuclear Power Plant Equipment

EIC’s Electronic Enclosures Keep Sensitive Equipment Cool in a Nuclear Power Plant


Infrastructure, Power Generation


Air conditioned Protector™ Series rack-mount enclosure with thermoelectric air conditioners for temperature sensitive equipment in a South Carolina nuclear power plant.

The Challenge

The nuclear power plant approached EIC Solutions because they were unhappy with the failure rates and maintenance levels of their existing compressor-based cooling systems.

The Solution

A custom double-bay rack-mount EIC Protector™ Series Electronic Enclosure with an integrated 2500 BTU (AC) Thermoelectric Air Conditioner to cool the entire enclosure. Optional insulation was added to increase the cooling capacity of the system.

EIC’s thermoelectrically air conditioned enclosures feature:

  • Rugged & Dependable Electronics Cooling for Harsh Environments
  • 800, 1500 or 2500 BTU Air Conditioner
  • NEMA 12, 4 or 4X Construction
  • Flat Panel or CRT Monitor Configurations
  • Custom Sizes to Your Specifications
  • Front and Rear Doors
  • Custom colors and sizes
  • Multiple monitor configurations
  • Special front panel cut-outs for flat screen and touch screen monitors

The EIC 2500 BTU ThermoTEC™ air conditioner is also available with additional features such as a supplemental heating capability


EIC Solutions provided a complete package that required no additional integration by the customer. The solution for the nuclear power plant fit their needs and resulted in a significant reduction in failure rates as well as maintenance costs.