EIC Solutions Provides Thermoelectric Cooling System for Unique Rocket Propelled Sled Camera System

Market400 BTU Hazardous Location TEC



Enclosed digital camera system alongside a track for a rocket-propelled sled

The Challenge

An Optical Diagnostic Solutions company that provides laser-based measurement and diagnostic technologies for industrial, military, and space applications required a solution to regulate temperature in an enclosure encasing an extremely specialized camera system and electronics.

The Solution

The solution included a 400BTU DC-Powered Thermoelectric Air Conditioner (Model AAC-140-4XT-HC), an Extension Frame (EF-140), and a Rain Shroud (RS-140V). System specifics included:

  • Compact, lightweight, thermoelectric cooling system for electronic and computer enclosure in harsh industrial setting
  • Simple, efficient solid state design for reliable performance
  • Extension frame (with self-contained condensate drip pan for flush mounting of air conditioner)
  • Rain shroud to provide additional degree of protection against rain, snow, ice, sand, dirt, and debris

EIC provided a custom thermoelectric cooling solution meeting the specific needs of the camera enclosure. The camera served a critical function in the recording and viewing of actual motion of the rocket-propelled sled. Cooling and protecting the camera equipment was vital in successfully capturing all of the data necessary in the application. Maintaining a standard minimum and maximum temperature within the enclosure was an absolute necessity to run the digital camera system successfully.

The environmental system was comprised of three pieces: the cooling system, the extension frame, and a rain shroud. The extension frame allowed the air conditioner to be mounted entirely outside the enclosure, freeing up valuable internal space. This meant the company did not need to alter any of the camera equipment to make room for the cooling system. The rain shroud protected the unit from moisture and offered further protection from dust, dirt, sand, rocks, debris, and other contaminants.


EIC provided an environmental solution for the problem. The inclusive system provided critical electronics cooling while not altering the construction or arrangement of the camera and its specialized equipment. The cooling system offered a reduction in equipment failure and repair by preventing the enclosure from overheating.