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December 14th, 2016Success Stories Product Information

EIC Helps ZAPS Technologies’ Outdoor Water Quality Testing Equipment Run 24/7


Waste Water and Water Analysis Treatment


Temperature Control for Water Quality Analyzer

ZAPS Technologies uses EIC’s ThermoTEC A/C units to ensure their outdoor equipment can run unattended, while producing thousands of water quality tests per day.

ZAPS Technologies, Inc. creates real-time, water quality monitoring equipment to aid professionals involved in water treatment, water analysis, and environmental analysis. We apply solid-state optical techniques requiring no chemicals, reagents, operators, or routine maintenance, and apply these techniques in a framework of continuous, integrated quality assurance processes. This strategy results in equipment that runs unattended 24/7 while producing thousands of tests per day on flowing water; from raw wastewater to finished drinking water (rivers, lakes, and marine environments).

LiquID station is an industry leader in innovative flow-through continuous monitoring instrumentation, and customers were looking to make placements in more environmentally-challenging conditions. Needing a solution that would enable ZAPS to maintain the high standards of accuracy and precision while providing additional flexibility for the customers’ preferred installation locations; EIC’s 140B series ThermoTEC Thermoelectric Air Conditioner became a critical component in solving this problem. (more about the LiquID station below)

The Solution

EIC was chosen to meet the specific needs of this challenging application because:

  • EIC engineers were willing to create a unit with customized heating capability to meet the specific needs of the project.
  • The 400 BTU TEC with integrated AC power supply and digital temperature controller provided a complete solution from a single vendor.
  • The multiple size options allowed for selection of a product that both fit the requirements while also maintaining a small footprint.

EIC’s air conditioners help to isolate variability associated with the process being monitored; quickly and effectively pinpointing process anomalies and driving efficiencies. Managing non-process variability is an important element of ZAPS’ Quality Management Chain, and EIC’s products help maintain high precision and accuracy in challenging municipal, industrial and environmental conditions.

“The incorporated power supply allowed us to easily integrate the EIC TEC unit with the ZAPS water quality instrument. The flexibility of the controller allowed us to easily meet our unique, specific control requirements. The EIC engineering support prior to the sale provided the information to specify the EIC unit and options to ensure that the EIC TEC unit performed to successfully meet our requirements from the very first installation.”
– Don Jackson, Chief Engineer, ZAPS Technologies

Contact an EIC Solutions Sales Engineer today for a complete application review.

EIC Solutions, Inc. specializes in the design and manufacturing of thermoelectric cooling systems, air conditioned electronic enclosures, and transit cases for a wide range of applications. Our products have been used in a variety of enclosure cooling applications involving the protection of electronic equipment both indoors and outdoors. EIC Solutions strives to provide the best resources and tools to help customers protect investments in sensitive electronics. If you have questions regarding any of our products please contact us at 800-497-4524 or visit our website at the best solution for your specific application.

ZAPS Technologies LiquID station with EIC’s 140B Series ThermoTEC Thermoelectric A/C unit.

ZAPS Technologies LiquID station makes automated continuous, high-precision absorbance, fluorescence and scattering measurements in the field. Treatment plants, much like rivers, are influenced by natural and societal patterns that, when monitored continuously, lead to identifiably regular and predictable daily, weekly and seasonal cycles. These cycles generate the pulse of our water systems, and through real time online methods we now have an even greater ability to monitor these, the vital statistics of our water processes. Process efficiencies, overall treatment quality and the regulatory approach can be enhanced by knowing these patterns and recognizing when unpredicted deviations occur. Online monitoring allows operators to focus on the question of what drives these patterns (and anomalies) in their processes.

Because online, continuous measurements run automatically, water quality managers need not devote resources to manual sample collection and processing. Rather, these resources can be focused more directly on protecting human health and the integrity of watersheds and aquatic ecosystems by facilitating greater process control while enabling more timely and effective enforcement of environmental laws and by ensuring compliance with wastewater treatment regulations. Visit for more details.

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