White Paper on Thermoelectric Cooling System Options for Electronic Enclosures Available on EIC’s Website

eic-whitepaper-thermoelectric-collingWarminster, Pa- EIC Solutions has recently made a new, informative white paper available on their site. This white paper, “Cooling System Options for Electronic Enclosure Cooling: Do Thermoelectric Air Conditioners Have the Advantage?” discusses four popular options for cooling electronic/electrical equipment housed in enclosures and cabinets.

The cooling options reviewed in the white paper include thermoelectric air conditioners, compressor-based air conditioners, vortex coolers, and air-to-air heat exchangers (heat pipes). Each cooling method is explained and the advantages of thermoelectric air conditioners are examined as compared to the other cooling methods.

The white paper includes diagrams explaining the cooling process of each cooling option, and a full chart highlighting the pros and cons of each option with categories including portability, size, and associated costs. The white paper is available at no cost and can be printed for future reference.

More information about EIC Solutions, Inc., their product lines, and their dedication to protecting sensitive electronics can be found online at eicsolutions.com.