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August 29th, 2016 | Blog | Product Information

EIC Sits Down With Stevan Tubic from Impact Cases

impact-casesEIC Solutions has been supplying air conditioned transit case solutions to military and defense contractors for over a decade. Our air conditioned cases are available in numerous configurations and materials including roto-molded PE, fiberglass, composite and aluminum. We regularly partner with manufacturers from various industries providing off the shelf as well as custom cooling solutions to meet their requirements. One of the case companies that regularly works with EIC is Impact Cases in Toronto ON, Canada.

Recently we sat down with Stevan Tubic, Vice President at Impact Cases to discuss the work we’ve done together.

When were you first introduced to EIC Solutions?

I was originally introduced to EIC over 10 years ago through industry contacts and essentially have been working directly with EIC ever since on many applications.

How do EIC’s thermoelectric air conditioners coupled with Impact’s Mobile Rackmount Systems benefit your customers?

There are many applications that require Thermoelectric Cooling & Heating in our particular industry. The Defense & Aerospace segments offer some of the harshest environments with fluctuating climates where by electronics must be kept fully operational at all times. Our Target Rackmount Systems provide the main footprint for overall shock and vibration protection…..combined with EIC’s Thermoelectric Climate control we deliver consistency in operation with a commitment to a high degree of performance.

How have EIC’s thermoelectric air conditioner helped you overcome challenges in your area of industry?

Our industry which is mainly Defense is very well known for not being the kindest to equipment in general…..with the addition of integrated Climate control in our systems we take the worry out of potential failures and provide mission critical equipment with the means to operate effectively and efficiently in all conditions. There are many factors and challenges a soldier faces in the field and our goal is to protect the integrity of essential equipment and eliminate risk.

Why have you chosen to regularly use EIC’s products?

Overall, our experience has always been great with the team from EIC…..they are flexible, accessible, engaged and extremely knowledgeable. The level of technical support and commitment to detail is the reason we choose EIC Solutions as our partner and provider of high performance climate control protection.

At EIC Solutions, we provide the best products and service in order to insure our customers and partners receive the optimal solution for their specific application. Whether it’s a complete solution or a stand-alone air conditioner, in a military installation in the Middle East or a plant floor in the US, EIC’s products will meet your equipment cooling needs. Contact one of our knowledgeable sales engineers today for a complete application review.

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