Custom Cooling Solution for Emerging Drone Blocking Technology

Explore how EIC Solution engineered a completely custom air-conditioned enclosure with thermoelectric cooling for a leading airspace security company

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EIC Solutions’ Commitment to Being CFC-Free

EIC Solutions’ Thermoelectric Air Conditioners use zero refrigerants and toxic CFCs, providing a clean solution for your application.

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Corrosion-Resistant Thermoelectric Air Conditioners and Enclosures

EIC Solutions NEMA 4X thermoelectric air conditioners offer reliable protection in severe, caustic and corrosive environments and can be integrated into any outdoor application.

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EIC Solutions protects sensitive and crucial security equipment

EIC solutions protects enclosures that house sensitive and crucial surveillance equipment for the security industry.

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Air Conditioners Engineered for Severe Weather

EIC Solutions ThermoTEC Series Thermoelectric Air Conditioners are engineered to withstand the harsh conditions associated with severe weather.

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Our One Warm Coat drive was a success, again!

EIC Solutions collected 40 gently used winter coats for men, women, and children. 15 of those coats were brand new thanks to a donation from EIC!

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EIC Sits Down With Stevan Tubic from Impact Cases

EIC Solutions works closely with Impact cases to supply air conditioned transit case solutions to military and defense contractors for over a decade.

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4 Ways to Protect Your Sensitive Electronic Equipment During this Heat Wave

The past two years have been the hottest years on record and It’s likely we’ll be seeing extreme heat events more often. So, how do you get prepared for events like this in the future?

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Defender™ Series Transit Cases Patented

EIC Solutions, Inc., a leading manufacturer of thermoelectric air conditioners, electronic enclosures and transit cases, has obtained US and Canadian patents for its full line of Defender™ Series Thermoelectrically Air Conditioned Transit Cases. The cases protect electronics from impact, shock vibration, and also from dust, moisture and corrosion. To assure safe operating temperatures for sensitive electronics and other case contents, a built in air conditioner cools the case interior maintaining optimum temperatures regardless of the outside environment.

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Thermoelectric Cooling Solutions Today – Part 2

In part two of our blog, we will share with you some of the specific ways EIC Solutions air-conditioners are being used daily. Since 1988, EIC Solutions has worked alongside engineers, contractors and systems integrators for the U.S. military, commercial and industrial manufacturers. Leveraging a complete line of compact, lightweight, solid state thermoelectric coolers for transit cases, electronic cabinets and computer enclosures, EIC ensures that the electronics and electrical controls that these industries rely on operate without failure in harsh environments when it matters most.

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Introducing the New UL Listed, 145A ThermoTEC™ Series

Powerful. Autoranging. Safe. Durable and Maintenance-Free.

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