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April 28th, 2022 | Blog | Product Information

Custom Cooling Solution for Emerging Drone Blocking Technology

With the boom in drone sales over the past few years, domestic and international airspace has been flooded with millions of new aircraft, giving way to criminal and even terrorist activity through the weaponization of such innovative technology. As a leader in the Security and Surveillance Industry, Fortem Technologies is dedicated to defending and securing the world’s airspace by detecting and defeating these dangerous drones. Located in Pleasant Grove, Utah, Fortem Technologies contacted EIC Solutions, Inc. in search of a cooling solution for their Counter Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) electronic application.

Given that security and safety were on the line, Fortem Technologies was in need of an efficient and compact air conditioned solution to keep their drone blocking technology fielded and operational with 24/7 runtime capabilities, while also protecting their sensitive equipment from harsh weather conditions, such as extreme temperatures and severe storms.

Fortem EMS & Dronehunter


After close collaboration between our expert engineers and the Fortem Technologies team, EIC Solutions recommended a scalable and completely custom aluminum Air Conditioned Electronic Enclosure, with our 140C series Thermoelectric Air Conditioner. This custom cooling solution features:


  • Compact, lightweight, structure that improved overall portability
  • Custom enclosure configuration uniquely design to fit the customer’s control equipment
  • A low maintenance design with no filters, liquids or gases
  • Full functionality in 100-240 VAC environments across 50 and 60 hz frequency
  • Universal thermal management capable of servicing large varieties of domestic and international security needs

The customized configuration of our Air Conditioned Enclosure combined with EIC Solutions’ Thermoelectric cooling technology was the ideal solution for our customers’ drone blocking application. Fortem Technologies now has a single, unified solution that meets the needs of both their foreign and domestic markets, weighs over 50% less than the traditional cooling systems, and features easy implementation and operational efficiency.

When asked why EIC Solutions was the preferred choice for this project, the customer’s response was simple. “EIC provides quality products that allow us to service our customers with confidence. We trust the product quality because of the level of expertise EIC possesses, their commitment to only deliver products that have passed multiple quality assurance tests, and their level of service to directly confront any issues that we discovered as a customer” – Fortem Technologies

EIC Solutions is always excited to meet the challenges of emerging technologies. Working with Fortem Technologies on their unique application has continued to propel our forward thinking, and create new solutions to solve complex problems. In need of a thermal protection solution or have questions regarding any of our products? Please contact us at 800-497-4524 or connect with one of our knowledgeable sales engineers.

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