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Electrical and Electronics Cooling Systems for Security, Surveillance and Monitoring Applications

EIC Solutions offers a wide range of standard and custom cooling solutions designed to protect sensitive electronics and meet the demands of a broad range of security and surveillance environments – including fire protection, communications networks and remote monitoring.

When security and safety are paramount, EIC’s electronics cooling systems are there to provide the protection computers, cameras, RFID readers, RF components, transmit/receive modules, power supplies and other electrical/electronic equipment need from damaging heat, dust, moisture, and corrosion.

Security CamerasThe Need for Electronics Cooling

In a post 9/11 world, the desire for increased security has dramatically increased the demand for state of the art electronic security systems and processes. As heat fluxes continue to rise, these systems produce significantly higher levels of heat than previous systems and as a result are more sensitive to environmental factors. This coupled with the need for these systems to be installed in harsh indoor and outdoor environments has presented significant challenges to keeping these systems running smoothly. Today’s security systems are running applications that require increasing computational power and communications bandwidths. These systems produce significantly higher levels of heat than previous systems and as a result are more sensitive to harsh environmental factors. Typically these electrical/electronic systems are installed in sealed enclosures making thermal overrun temperatures one of the leading causes of failure and reduction in MTBF. The removal of heat generated by these advanced electronics systems has grown to be a critical issue since these systems must often perform in high ambient temperature environments.

In addition, many of these systems utilize rack mounted electronics that were originally designed for operation in air conditioned buildings, not in harsh environments. These rack mounted systems are now being installed both indoors and outdoors in enclosures that are exposed to ambient temperatures up to 120° F and in some cases much higher. In addition to extreme temperatures, these sensitive electronic systems are also subject to the dust, dirt, moisture, corrosion, and vibration typical of the harsh conditions found in security and surveillance environments.

Air Conditioned Cabinet for Security Camera ElectronicsThe EIC Solution

In order to effectively solve these complex cooling problems, designers and engineers are turning to EIC’s thermoelectric cooling systems as an ideal solution when a low to moderate amount of heat must be handled in a harsh environment. Using patented solid-state technology to accomplish temperature change, EIC’s thermoelectric coolers eliminate the need for refrigerants and operate with fewer moving parts. They can cool enclosures to temperatures below ambient conditions while producing little noise and vibration.

Featuring reliability and a long life span coupled with flexible input power requirements and mounting arrangements, EIC’s thermoelectric air conditioners offer significant advantages over conventional cooling methods such as compressor-based systems. In addition, they are ideal solutions for applications where the cooling system must be portable or subjected to motion.

To provide a complete solution, EIC offers packaged systems comprised of enclosures and cabinets with integrated cooling assemblies. These systems are designed to protect and cool electrical/electronic systems in a wide range of security and surveillance applications including homeland security, construction monitoring, video recording, and weather radar systems. These integrated cooling systems offer superior performance with excellent temperature uniformity, resulting in lower electronic component temperatures, increased operational life and reliability (MTBF).

Additionally, the compact size and weight of EIC’s electronics coolers allows them to fit a wide range electronic enclosures, electrical cabinets and sub-racks. Standard product modifications are also available to meet customers’ exact needs such as custom sizes, doors, holes, cutouts, colors and accessories to reduce assembly time, and for easy integration into new or existing systems.

With the rugged stainless steel construction, reliable performance and flexibility these advanced thermoelectric systems offer, designers can reduce equipment size, weight, and power with improved cooling, corrosion resistance and extended equipment life. Whether the application requires an off-the-shelf or custom system, EIC’s engineers will help find the solution to best meet your cooling needs.

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Job Stories

The following examples highlight the wide range of applications, environments, and clients who rely on our enclosures and cooling systems to safeguard their critical electronics:

  • Digital Camera Systems – Cooling enclosed digital camera and electronics alongside an outdoor track for a rocket-propelled sled for optical diagnostic solutions company. Read More…
  • DVR Enclosures – Cooling digital video recorders in outdoor locations for a wireless / connectivity product company.
  • Fire Panels – Cooling cabinets for fire panels in extremely hot and humid environment for a major fire and security protection company. Read More…

Additional applications of EIC’s products can be found in many security, surveillance and monitoring related setting including:

  • Cellular Towers
  • Data Collection / Sensors
  • Digital Signage
  • Emergency Call Stations
  • Emergency Management
  • Fire Protection
  • Homeland Security
  • Intelligence Gathering
  • Large Venue Displays
  • Law Enforcement
  • Machine Vision
  • Microwave Antennas
  • Mobile and Fixed Communications
  • Research and Scientific
  • Security Equipment and Networks
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Telecommunications Equipment
  • Transportation
  • Video Recorders and Cameras
  • Weather Monitoring