4 Ways to Protect Your Sensitive Electronic Equipment During this Heat Wave

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Both the United States and the United Kingdom are on pace to see record temperatures in 2018. With this increase in global temperatures from greenhouse gas emissions, it’s likely we’ll see more extreme heat events, like the one we’re experiencing this summer, more often. The past four years have been the hottest years on record, and there is a 99% chance that 2018 will beat them. So, how do you protect your mission-critical, sensitive electronics and get prepared for events like this in the future?


AAC-145-4XT-E-HC-NF-CE1. Install a quality Thermoelectric Air Conditioner


Thermoelectric air conditioners can help cool your sensitive electronics by removing heat from the enclosure and circulating cold air within the enclosure, perfect for electronic cabinets and computer enclosures. Not only will an EIC Solutions’s ThermoTEC™ Thermoelectric Air Conditioners protect your enclosures from extreme temperatures and moisture, but they are also resistant to dust, corrosion and vibration. Thermoelectric Air Conditioners don’t contribute to greenhouse gas emissions because they don’t use any CFC’s, Freon, compressors, or gasses, making it a smart choice for our environment. See how Thermoelectric Air Conditioners are a reliable option in high ambient temperatures, and talk to one of our engineers today about our expediting program.



thumbnail2. Manage your Condensation


Condensation is a completely natural part of the cooling process. As the air conditioner cools, it will begin to dry the air within the enclosure and the moisture in the air will condense within the air conditioner. While it is a completely normal process, without proper management condensation can cause serious damage to housed equipment. Drip pans are designed to collect the condensate, and then routes it out of the pan. Learn more about condensation management.




3. Manage the climate with a Digital Temperature Controller


Keep your temperature consistent with the help of a digital temperature controller. By installing a remote-mounted, ultra-compact controller, you can take control of your temperature within 1° F of the desired set point.





Rain Shroud - Vertical/Side Mount (200 BTU Models)4. Protect Your Units During Summer Storms


Violent summer thunderstorms tend to go hand in hand with temperature spikes. Rain shrouds provides an additional element of protection for your electronics against rain, sand, and dirt.


As we continue to feel the wrath of the blistering summer weather, make sure your electronics are protected from the elements too. Not sure how much cooling you need? Download our Sizing Guide eBook or tell us your specs and one of our knowledgeable engineers can tell you exactly what size you need. Contact us today and let us help you keep a consistent temperature this summer.


Talk to one of our engineers about our expediting program today.