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January 2nd, 2013 | Blog | Product Information

Thermoelectric Cooling Solutions Today – Part 2

In part one of our Thermoelectric Cooling Solutions Today blog we discussed how “The Peltier Effect” is the underlying technology that permits construction of thermoelectric cooling systems designed to protect and cool mission-critical and sensitive electronics.  In part two of our blog, we will share with you some of the specific ways EIC Solutions air-conditioners are being used daily.

Since 1988, EIC Solutions has worked alongside engineers, contractors and systems integrators for the U.S. military, commercial and industrial manufacturers. Leveraging a complete line of compact, lightweight, solid state thermoelectric coolers for transit cases, electronic cabinets and computer enclosures, EIC ensures that the electronics and electrical controls that these industries rely on operate without failure in harsh environments when it matters most.

Security and Surveillance


Every customer’s thermal management situation and environment is unique and brings with it a new or different type of challenge. Most recently EIC Solutions assisted a Security Contractor by providing protective air conditioned enclosures for surveillance equipment. The overall security system was designed to improve bus terminal and bus patron safety throughout the city of San Antonio. The transportation company stipulated that the enclosures must be low-to-zero maintenance, tamper-proof and capable of maintaining enclosure contents at recommended safe operating temperatures year round. The enclosures were to be used in an outdoor environment and would be pole-mounted. The final enclosures featured weatherproof steel cabinets with a white powder coat finish inside and out. (Read More)

Some customer’s require solutions that have both cooling and heating capability.

In a newly constructed mid-town parking garage on Long Island, NY, the local parking authority planned to install recording and monitoring equipment for security purposes. The electronics and communications/control systems were to be housed in tamper-proof enclosures with internal temperature control. Because temperatures in the parking garage could reach 105°F during summer months, and plunge to zero in the dead of winter, both cooling and heating capability were needed. (Read More)



When the harsh working environments of The Middle East presented a significant challenge for the US military EIC Solutions’ Defender™ Series Air Conditioned Transit Cases were an ideal solution. The US military developed new technologies for IED defeat and detection systems for use in Iraq and Afghanistan. These systems utilized sophisticated sensors and electronics in order to detect the presence of roadside bombs and other improvised explosive devices. To insure safe, reliable operation of these mission-critical systems in a hostile environment, EIC’s engineers developed a new type of configuration known as a “cooler collar.” The result is a low-to-zero maintenance air conditioned transit case that makes it particularly well suited for use in remote desert areas where operations must be rapidly executed without concern for maintenance and repair issues. (Read More)

Homeland Security

A national security company was in need of a solution that could provide both cooling and heating for the enclosures housing camera systems used for license plate recognition at select US border crossings. EIC’s 400 BTU ThermoTEC air conditioner is also available with a supplemental heating capability, which was perfect fit for the environmental temperature fluctuations associated with the locations. Keeping the RFID systems from overheating is imperative because they protect US borders from illegal entry and exit. The systems are used to monitor cars entering and leaving the United States through use of RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) tag readers for frequent crossers. The solution for the national security company fit their needs and they experienced a reduction in monitoring system downtime by preventing failures due to the temperature extremes associated with U.S borders. (Read More)

Oil and Gas Exploration

An oil and gas exploration company needed a thermal management solution to cool their electrical control panels in their offshore drilling rigs and refining plants in the Gulf of Mexico. Due to the possibly explosive gases and flammable liquids present on an off-shore oil rig, EIC Solutions recognized the need for a Class 1, Division 2 Outdoor Rated enclosure. EIC leveraged its popular400 BTU air conditioner and designed a Hazardous location model. These units have been certified by a nationally recognized independent testing laboratory to meet the requirements of Underwriters Laboratory UL STD 1604, UL STD 1995 and CAN/CSA C22.2. The 400 BTU Class 1, Division 2 Outdoor Rated thermoelectric air conditioner is now used by several companies in the oil and gas industries for this application. (Read More)

These are just a few examples of some of the specific ways EIC Solutions air-conditioners are being used daily. Thermal management situations and operating environments are always unique, but EIC Solutions has the expertise, knowledge and experience to make turn any challenge into a solution.

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