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December 19th, 2012 | Blog | Product Information

Thermoelectric Cooling Solutions Today – Part 1

Today’s military, commercial and industrial manufacturers have increased the demand for advanced electronics and electrical controls that are designed to operate without failure in harsh environments. The U.S. military developed new mission-critical technologies for IED defeat and detection systems for use in Iraq and Afghanistan. U.S. Nuclear power plants use operation-critical electronics and sensors to monitor safety controls. Ensuring that these electronics run efficiently and effectively has become an ever greater challenge, which is why EIC Solutions has developed air conditioned transit cases and air conditioned enclosures that protect and cool sensitive electronics when it matters most.

The underlying technology that permits construction of these thermoelectric devices is referred to as “The Peltier Effect”.  It utilizes two elements of a semiconductor which is constructed from doped Bismuth Telluride. Upon application of a direct current (DC) power source, these devices generate a cooling action, countered by a generation of heat on the opposite side of the device. EIC’s  Thermoelectric Air Conditioners operate on this principle, eliminating the need for compressors and expensive, ozone-depleting CFC’s.

EIC’s Peltier assemblies use Thermoelectric “modules” sandwiched between high performance aluminum heat sinks and one or more high CFM axial fans. These assemblies are coupled with a patented electronic design to “pump” the heat from the inside of an enclosure to the outside, without exposing delicate electronics to any outside air or contaminates. Through proper packaging, EIC has harnessed the cooling properties of these thermoelectric modules into modular air conditioners that can dissipate typical loads of 200, 400, 800, 1500, 2500 or 3200 BTU/HR.

In part 2 of Thermoelectric Cooling Solutions Today we’ll share with you some specific case studies of where EIC Solutions Thermoelectic Cooling Systems are being used today.

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