EIC Solutions Provides Support to Homeland Security Infrastructure

EIC has extensive experience providing electronics protection solutions in the harshest environments. In 2005 when the Canadian Border Crossings were being built-out to contain higher grade camera systems and RFID readers, prime defense contractors looked to EIC to supply the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) with a solution. These advanced systems needed to operate 24 hours a day regardless of the weather conditions. EIC Solutions’ Protector Series air conditioned enclosures provided the perfect housing for these sensitive devices. The integral thermoelectric air conditioner with heat kept the equipment at proper operating temperatures on both the coldest winter nights and during the hottest summer days. The implementation of over 100 of these air-conditioned enclosures at Canadian border crossing checkpoints is proof that EIC Solutions’ robust air conditioned enclosures are a vital part to protecting this critical equipment. This solution included:

  • NEMA 4X Stainless steel enclosure to survive in a wide variety of outdoor conditions
  • Integral ThermoTEC 140B series 400 BTU thermoelectric air conditioner with heat to maintain safe operating temperatures within the enclosure in every season.
  • Flexible mounting options (wall, pole, or strut) so each enclosure could be mounted in a variety of configurations at each site.

The new federal initiatives will increase the need for secure, reliable, and robust electronic monitoring systems along our borders. The current administration has requested a budget amendment for FY2017 allowing for an additional $3 billion to be added to DHS immediately and has proposed an increase of 7% (approx. $2.8 Billion) to the DHS budget for FY 2018. Much of this spending will be allocated to build-up the security infrastructure at the southern border. The increased budget will allow for significant advances in the technology that helps to secure this area. Speaking before a Senate confirmation hearing on Jan 10th, 2017, DHS Secretary John F. Kelly called for a “layered defense” on the southern border that would include the possible use of electronics and sensors. “A physical barrier in and of itself will not do the job,” Kelly told a Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing. EIC Solutions’ electronic protection systems are the ideal solution to house, protect, and cool the sensitive equipment that will be used.
Defender™ Composite Series Air Conditioned Rack Case - Front View, Left SideEIC Solutions offers electronics protection solutions ranging from Air Conditioned Enclosures (both standard and custom) to fully mobile Air Conditioned Transit Cases. Our flexible designs and manufacturing capabilities offer numerous variations on all of our product lines. Our cooling solutions include the ThermoTEC line of thermoelectric air conditioners. This line of solid-state coolers is ideal for operating in hot, dirty environments. Their closed-loop designs offer secure cooling without allowing dust, dirt, and debris to enter the enclosure, keeping the sensitive equipment securely housed and operating smoothly. Flexible power configurations, including auto-ranging AC power and tri-voltage (120VAC, 220VAC and 28VDC), are available to meet even the most stringent voltage requirements. With no filters, liquid lines, Freon, compressor, or oil, EIC’s thermoelectric air conditioners are well-suited for remotely-mounted equipment that cannot receive regular maintenance. Every application is reviewed by one of our Sales Engineers to ensure the best solution is configured for even the most advanced applications.

EIC’s solid-state cooling systems and protective housings have been used extensively in defense and security applications all over the world including:

  • Air conditioned transit cases fielded in Iraq and Afghanistan as a part of a system that protects military bases from rocket, artillery, and mortar fire (over 1,000 units)
  • Air conditioned enclosures housing security cameras and sensors at sensitive military installations in the US (over 450 units)
  • Air conditioned enclosures housing camera and RFID equipment at US-Canada border crossings (over 100 units)
  • Air conditioned enclosures housing security and surveillance equipment in waterways and ports in the US (over 50 units)
  • Air conditioned transit cases used on military ships to house mobile radio and transmission gear (over 50 units)

As the focus on border protection increases, the need for technologically advanced solutions will continue to grow. These solutions will need to be robust and reliable. The arena of National Security is not one that can allow for failure with so much at stake. With a client list including multiple prime defense contractors and all branches of the US Military, EIC has a history of putting the right solution in the field to keep sensitive equipment up and running in even the harshest environments. Contact one of our knowledgeable sales engineers today for a complete application review.