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Control Panel Cooling for Sports and Entertainment

Protect LED scoreboards, sound and lighting equipment, audio/video systems, security cameras and other interactive entertainment.

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“Thanks to EIC Solutions entire engineering team, exceptional service as always!”

Georgie Z.,
Science Operations Coordinator

Healing & Cooling

Your venue operates in any weather. To support you we make solutions for cooling and heating with precise control to within ±0.5°C.


Ready to meet your needs with custom sizes, doors, cutouts, colors, and accessories for fast build and easy integration.

Proven reliability

Our systems are supporting systems in major venues nationwide today.

NEMA 4x Rated

Designed to protect your electronics from liquid and solid ingress from rain, dirt, windblown dust and other contaminants.

Reliable, Low or No Maintenance Cooling

EIC provides electrical and electronics control panel cooling systems for entertainment and sports venue applications to keep your fans cheering.

Electrical and Electronics Control Panel Cooling Systems for Entertainment and Sports Venue Applications

EIC Solutions offers a wide range of standard and custom cooling solutions designed to protect sensitive electronics and meet the demands of a broad range of entertainment and sports venue environments – including extreme heat, high humidity and precipitation.

When reliability and low maintenance are paramount, EIC’s control panel cooling systems are there to keep the equipment running smoothly by protecting LED scoreboards, sound and lighting equipment, audio/video systems, security cameras and other electrical/electronic equipment from damaging heat, dust, moisture, and corrosion.

Avoid downtime or equipment failure

Let’s protect your equipment

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